MXNA 2.0 Feature Contest

As Mike Chambers recently
, we did a new MXNA 2.0 installation
last night with a few cool new features. If you can find them quickly, you can
win a nice Macromedia Timbuk2 bag. Check out Mike’s
for details.

2 Responses to MXNA 2.0 Feature Contest

  1. Dan says:

    I am trying to get Pollster 2.0 working in a CfusionMx 6.1 with the Access databse. I have been able to get the pollster admin poll insertion tool to work and write to the Access database properly, but when I try to insert the HTML and run the page with the poll in it…it doesnt work. Anyone know anything about how to implement this thing? I have also gone through the community MX article about porting pollster to SQL server, but I cant see anything in there that will resolve my issues. I know that this site isnt reponsible for supporting pollster, but who is responsible for supporting it?

  2. Mark in AU says:

    How about including an option that allows visitors to choose between centered* content, or “left justified” content, or “right justified” content (hmmm, well maybe not the latter, can’t really see the use)…I use a triple head set up (yep, 3 big phat LCDs… sweeeet) and I use Firefox. And I have noticed that no one really considers multi screen set ups, and multi screen set ups with 60 plus pages open as tabs in Firefox… forget it!You wouldn’t believe the number of sites – developers sites mind you – where the paragraph of content becomes one single string of text stretched across 3840 pixels. Or chunks of content appear in different screens either side of a supposedly centered page – :-)Check out on dual screens or triple screens. And try the MXNA site or on dual screens (big fat split through the middle of the content).Hey, and don’t get me started on color blindness and usability… that’s another story. Hehehe… had bad experience trying to decipher some information on my ISPs web site today.Obviously as developers we shouldn’t just focus on setting geeky trends with our early adoption of very cool “quadralateral googleplex double humbucking” HD screens, we need to accommadate them in our development strategies.Basically it comes down to this, centering and “left justify” works on a triple sceen set up (centered content is best), and “left justify” on a dual screen.Otherwise forget centering altogether.* In using the term ‘centered’, I mean floating the content in the center of the available browser view space.