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Not through RSS, but through Apple iCal. I picked up this tip today when getting caught up on my Jason Kottke reading. Open iCal, go to Calendar > Subscribe, and paste in this URL. You will never miss another movie release again.

Speaking of movie releases, I snuck away last week to see Revenge of the Sith. I am a huge episode IV through VI fan, and a huge critic of episodes I and II, but episode III was actually pretty good. The love scenes are laughable, and there were a couple of other scenes that actually made the audience groan (literally), but for the most part, I really enjoyed it. Have you seen it yet? If so, what did you think? If not, what are you waiting for?

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  1. jdehaan says:

    Saw one of the first showings (1am – nuts). I thought it was very entertaining, particularly the CG, opening sequence, and fight scenes. Although the city views through the windows after they busted in fight scenes looked really fuzzy for whatever reason. I felt the love scenes were pretty pathetic (our audience had the same reaction). But I think Ewan McGregor in particular was good in his role.

  2. jdehaan says:

    BTW, this iCal subscription is sweet – links to the trailers and everything – thanks for the link.

  3. For us lucky ones not on a Mac (hehe), you can use Mozilla Sunbird (in early betas still) to subscribe to remote calendars.

  4. Dan says:

    On the PC, you can also use a program called WinDates to subscribe to iCal calendars.For me, it works much better and is less buggy than Sunbird. Downside is, its not free.You can get it here:

  5. I keep thinking I need to write an iCal to RSS translator.

  6. There’s also a DVD releases calendar which film buffs may find useful.I also subscribe to the US Holidays and Indian Holidays calendars (working with a lot of Indians, it’s useful and interesting to know about their holiday schedule).

  7. David Sharpe says:

    Has anyone developed a Flash reader for iCal?