Use MXNA Reports to Optimize Your Posts

Note: It looks like the What’s
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is over now, so I
can go ahead give away one of the answers. Mike and I will be announcing the winners

As a blogger in the Macromedia community, how do you know what kinds of posts
are more likely to get people’s attention? How do you know how your post on the
object oriented nature of ColdFusion components compares with your post examining
the merits of crunchy peanut butter versus smooth?

The new MXNA 2.0 Click Reports chart the popularity of your last 50 posts. Take
for instance. I can see that my post on Internet Explorer 7 was the most popular
in recent memory with a couple of posts on JavaScript and AJAX close behind.
It looks like I should clearly be spending more time blogging about web technologies
rather than new search engine features, or talking about PDAs. And apparently
only about 8 people care that I’ve returned from TODCON. Thanks a lot, everyone!

The blue bars on the chart indicate clicks (along the Y axis), the red line is
a moving average based on your last five posts, and the green line is your overall
average. To find your feed’s Click Report, go the the MXNA 2.0 list
of feeds
, and click on the "Click
Report" link next to your feed’s name.

You might also want to check out the new views we’ve added to the "Most Popular"
pod. Now you can view the most popular posts of the last day, week, month, year,
and of all time (and get them in RSS).

6 Responses to Use MXNA Reports to Optimize Your Posts

  1. Jimmy says:

    Is this graph done in Flex? I think its amazing and now I’ve decided I need to get it and integrate it with my site!

  2. Hans Omli says:

    Yes, the chart is done in Flex.

  3. PaulH says:

    christian,when you mouse over the read spikes (highpoints) the info panel is chopped off at the top of the flash widget.pretty cool.

  4. For some reason I keep getting this error when I click on the link to view a report for my site.. both at home and at work, different browsers, etc:Unable to connect to endpoint:

  5. Paul, thanks for the info. We’ll see if we can fix that.Anyone else having problems like Brandon? Anyone know what might be the issue? Brandon, any additional information? I’m stumped.Thanks,Christian

  6. This is the URL that doesn’t work for me:, it’s really strange.. it happens at work and at home, both in IE and Firefox. I’ve looked at various other Flex apps linked from Forta’s blog without any problems, etc. I’m also able to view the stats for other blogs.I also just had a co-worker try it and it didn’t work for him either.