Which Firefox Extensions Do You Use?

One of the primary reasons I love Firefox so much is the all the extensions that are available. Here’s a list of all the extensions I have installed, and that I use on a regular basis:

  • Feed Your Reader: Lets external
    applications and web based aggregators use RSS autodscovery (extremely useful).
  • HTML Validator: Adds HTML validation to the View Page Source of the browser.
  • MeasureIt: Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements
    on a webpage.
  • Scribe: Ads Word Processor like functionality to web forms, including opening
    and saving for entries as files. (Good for weblog posting.)
  • Aardvark: Allows cleaning up a page prior to printing it. Also has page analysis
    tools for web developers (which is mainly what I use it for — I hate printers).
  • Web Developer: Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.
  • Live HTTP Headers: View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.
  • SpellBound: Adds spell checker support to web forms and extensions.

What extensions am I missing that you can’t live without?

21 Responses to Which Firefox Extensions Do You Use?

  1. Aaron says:

    FoxyTunes – Control iTunes in the browserMeasureIt – Listed aboveAdblock – Great for getting rid of banner adsNuke Anything – Remove any item from a pageMacromedia News – That’s how I get hereRe-use homepage – if you’re on a blank page it won’t open another tab for contentIEView – open the current page in IE

  2. Rostislav says:

    HTML Validator/Web Developer/Live HTTP Headers/Aardvark are very useful for web development.My additions are FlashGot, ColorZilla, Fangs, Google Pagerank Status, BetterSearch and Gmail Notifier.Actually I came here using the Macromedia News extension.

  3. Josh Dura says:

    Bookmarks Synchronizer – Other than Web Developer, this is by FAR the best extension.https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?application=firefox&category=Bookmarks&numpg=10&id=14

  4. SessionSaver to save tabs/windows when Firefox crashes, or you can save them yourself on demand.Sage, my choice for RSS feeds, but will look at your recommendation.Also: ForecastFox (weather), Macromedia News extension, IEview, Tabbrowser Preferences, Download Statusbar, PDF Download (great!), FoxyTunes, ColorZilla, SETI stats (hehe).

  5. Mike says:

    Most of what you use ANDGreasemonkey (ability to mod pages via javascript, like add a delete button to gmail…cool!)IE View (Open page in IE)Query TO (highlight text and send to search engine)Colorzilla (ability to view page color codes)Fetch Text Url (opens non link urls in browser)AND Macromedia News extension

  6. Most of yours, plus:* platypus for changing pages around (like aardvark)* greasemonkey for saving platypus scripts* adblock for those really annoying sites* forecastfox to see if it’s worth going outside* bugmenot for quick logins* tabbrowser preferences to tweak the interface* miniT drag+indicator for moving tabs around* colorzilla for design work color matching-nathan strutz

  7. Rob Brooks-Bilson says:

    I also like these:Autocopy – automatically copies selected text to the clipboardResizeable Textarea – allows you to resize text area controls on HTML formsminiT – allows you to move tabs around

  8. mark says:

    ScrapBook:never leave without it.

  9. Web Developer – amazingly useful set of tools!Macromedia News – helps keep me up-to-date.ChromEdit – useful for messing with Firefox customization.HTML Validator – great way to educate yourself on standards :)Greasemonkey – for the Gmail, IMDB and Netflix tweaks (so far).Fusebox Reload – if you write Fusebox 4.x apps, this is so useful: prompts for password and then reloads the current page with the fusebox.load / fusebox.parse attributes.

  10. Sage – rss feed reader – GREATLiveLines – add RSS feeds to rss readers other than live bookmarks (see Sage)Web DeveloperDownload StatusbarAutofill – fills out forms kind of like the google toolbar in IEieViewMozilla CalendarBBCode – adds formatting to the context menuDuplicate TabFLST – focus last selected tabQuick Tab Pref Toggle – single window mode; kind of like tab prefs made easyFANGS – screen reader emulator; great for getting an idea for how the visually impaired encounter your siteJavaScript DebuggerForecase Fox – i have no windows near/in my cubeColorZillaSpellBoundHTML ValidatorGreaseMonkey – for Gmail Smart Delete button and Book Burro; book burro is fantastic!Live Http Headers – great for debugging RPC stuff (AJAX)Adblock – just added recently, really cleans up sites like CNN and ESPNDocument Map – displays the current page documents structure in the sidebar

  11. John Dowdell says:

    The one I use most often turns out to be QuickNote, where I take notes on webpages throughout the week.After that it’s WebDeveloper to get an idea of how pages are constructed.There are others I use on occasion (ConQuery, ChromEdit, Fangs, etc), but the above two have had the biggest impact for me day-to-day.(I haven’t gotten into GreaseMonkey yet — have been tracking it, but haven’t put time into testing it because it’s for a special audience and usage is still evolving.)jd/mm

  12. Steve Ray says:

    Sage, GreaseMonkey, GoogleBar, Web Developer, User Agent Switcher, SecurePasswordGenerator, MM News, Javascript Debugger, Fusebox Reload, ColorZilla, ForecastFox, HTML Validator (based on Tidy), Resizeable Textarea, Aarkvark and PubSub Sidebar.

  13. Ray Buechler says:

    Web developerAutofillGmail NotifierDownload Manager TweakTabbrowser PreferencesFLSTHide SearchbarBloglines ToolkitLiveLinesFlashGotFusebox ReloadColorZillaDictHtml ValidatorFormFoxUnread TabsFoxyTunesChromEdit

  14. – Web Developer’s Toolbar- Macromedia News (natch)- FoxyTunes (altho I use Synergy/Mac utility more often)- Bookmark Synchronizer (it RULES)- Aardvark- FeedYourReaderI had a lot more installed a few weeks back but FF started crashing, so I reverted back to this set- which is pretty solid now. But even a crashing Firefox beats IE hands-down, in my opinion… 😉

  15. Michael says:

    “View Formatted Source” – does nice formatting and color-coding, and the CSS info feature is really amazing!

  16. Terry Sasaki says:

    I would like to addHit-a-Hint :enable keyboard shortcuts (space + number) to visit links rather than clicking – useful with laptop without mouse!

  17. danny says:

    My additions are FlashGot, ColorZilla, Fangs, Google Pagerank Status

  18. han says:

    ColorZillaDictHtml Validatorand Google Pagerank Status

  19. zannax says:

    View Formatted Source

  20. shopper says:

    Hide SearchbarBloglines ToolkitLiveLinesFlashGotFusebox ReloadColorZilla