Cool Tool Friday: Google Launches Mobile Search

Being able to search with Google over your mobile device is nothing new, but being able to search Google for mobile results is. Google’s new mobile search engine allows you to search for results that are specifically designed to work on your mobile device. That makes much more sense than searching a mobile version of Google for sites designed for your PC. Just go to on your mobile device, and look for the "Mobile Web (Beta)" option in the list below the text box. My Cingular data service is sketchy today, so I can’t give a thorough going over, but I grabbed a friend’s phone long enough to do a couple of searches, and so far, so good.

So how many people out there actually use their phones for browsing? What kinds of data services do you use on your phone, and how often do you use them? Frankly, I seldom do more than IM, SMS, a little email here and there, and check the occasional weather report, but I’m always looking for ways to get more out of my phone.

3 Responses to Cool Tool Friday: Google Launches Mobile Search

  1. Daniel Roberts says:

    I started using a google on my phone a couple months ago. I haven’t tried this mobile feature yet but will later tonight. When I go to Google I get a mobile specific page. When I click on a result from a search Google presents the contents of the pages instead of sending me to the actually page. This allows me to view the text content of pages I normally would not be able to view on my Nokia 3650 browser.I generally use my phone to lookup movie times, Google Local for restaurants and other stores in my area or for reading techsites when I am sitting around bored somewhere without a tv or computer.Opera’s mobile browser is much better than my Nokia 3650’s built in browser. I’m thinking about buying it–only played around with the 15-day trial. A big problem I have with the Nokia browser is there’s no option to turn off stylesheets so even though a well designed site might show up fine in plain html, the browser then loads up the style sheet and the pages becomes many times wider than the screen. If I hit cancel at the right time though i can stop it from rendering with the style sheet. It also renders slow and freezes up on large (table-based?) pages. Opera’s mobile browser has something called Small Screen Rendering mode that will convert any page into a single column that’s the width of the screen which makes any page viewable which is great.

  2. Mark Mandel says:

    For a long time I was running a J2ME VNC ( program with my phone, so I could keep an eye on what was going on my home PC.I often run IRC ( and ICQ( on my phone for when I am really bored.I love mobile data apps as well 🙂

  3. Charlie Arehart says:

    Cool tip, Christian. Thanks. I was having trouble using it from my Treo 650. Visiting was taking me to an info page, rather than a search form. I ultimately found info on the site saying that if things didn’t work, one should try adding /xhtml to the URL (so ending up with: That did the trick. Just sharing the tip in case it helps others.