Macromedia Announces the Flash Platform

By now, you may have heard that Macromedia announced the Flash
today. What exactly is the Flash Platform? From the Flash
Platform home page

It’s a lightweight, cross-platform runtime that can be used not just for rich
media, but also for enterprise applications, communications, and mobile applications.

Basically, the Flash Platform is the entire Flash package, from tools to servers
to complete solutions to the Flash Player itself. Yes, the
Flash Platform has technically been around for years, so what exactly are we announcing
today? The Flash Platform has been maturing into the entire end-to-end
solution that we are formally announcing today. With each release of Flash, the Flash
Player, and other tools like Flex (and upcoming Zorn),
we have been piecing together what has become a complete, mature platform for content,
applications, and entire solutions.

Check out the Flash Platform home
for more information, and in particular, Kevin
Lynch’s white paper