MXNA Flash Services Updated

I blogged this on the MXNA weblog yesterday, but just to make sure the word is out, I’ll make a quick post here, too. Yesterday, I installed a new version of the MXNA Flash Services with a lot of good improvements. The post on the MXNA weblog contains the details.

Anything else you want to see? Has anyone built a Flash Lite app yet? I know there must be some under development because I got a lot of good feedback on the first version of the Flash Servies, so hopefully this version has everything you need.

2 Responses to MXNA Flash Services Updated

  1. >Has anyone built a Flash Lite app yet?Procrastination material for tonight…. 🙂

  2. Stay tuned Christian … :)I’m preparing some stuff using MXNA for FlashLite.