United To Add WiFi to Domestic Flights

It’s about time! I can’t believe it’s 2005, and we’re just now looking at WiFi becoming commonplace on domestic flights. I was at a baseball game last night, and I had free WiFi at the stadium which was cool, but doesn’t make nearly as much sense as in-flight WiFi. Thank you, United! And thank you, FAA, for approving it. Now we just need the FCC to come through, as well.

This could really be a big win for airlines and passengers alike. Airlines seem to need ways to upsell (I was on a flight once where they were selling $10 sandwiches), and the advantages to passengers is certainly obvious. One no longer has to essentially miss an entire day or work to fly coast to coast (or an entire day of online gaming). Now they just need to provide power outlets so I don’t have to travel with three batteries.

Would you be willing to pay extra for in-flight WiFi? If so, how much?

4 Responses to United To Add WiFi to Domestic Flights

  1. Alfio says:

    I wouldn’t pay extra for wifi on a flight. I went to malaysia last year end of june for a contract and the flight out there was individual lcd screens with free selection of movies and video games in each seat. If they aren’t charging people for that then why should we pay for it domestically. If I was going to CA I would hope it was included with cost, maybe ten extra bucks, when you pay for ticket and you get a login or something for the duration of the flight. Come on now Japan is getting amazing speeds for broadband(10/20mb) and they pay 20 bucks. We have 3mb and we are paying 50 bucks. Seems like we are behind in alot of areas.

  2. Nate says:

    I wouldn’t pay extra either, that is when I get on the flight, however, I agree with the last comment that if they just raised the ticket price a few bucks that’s okay. Basically, I get free Wi-Fi all over my current city (I know it’s not “free” but I don’t have to pay for each time I sit down) I pay in taxes. I just think it is really annoying to have to pay to logon each time.As for outlets on flights, you can request a seat with a cigarette lighter outlet (in the middle of the two seats under the front edge of the cushion). Then you can buy what I think is called i-go (or something like that) that has power ends you can change out. Then when you are on the flight switch to the lighter input and there you go long lasting power.

  3. Ryan says:

    Heck yeah I’d pay extra for wi-fi! Most of the flying I do is long flights from the east coast to Colorado or Seattle, so an extra $10-15 on top of a $400-500 ticket would be well worth it.I’m usually the sucker who pays extra for the inflight movie anyway, so this way I can avoid that and either get some work done or just check up on the news or ESPN.This is really great to see.

  4. Patrick says:

    If they had power outlets that I could plug my charger in directly, then I’d definitely be more inclined to pay extra for it. I probably wouldn’t pay more than $10 for a single flight. Then again, if its for work, the maybe my employer would pick up the bill.