Future Proofing Your Flash Content

Now that Flash Player 8 is in public beta, if you’re a tester, you are going to start noticing something annoying. As you surf the web, dutifully fulfilling your responsibilities as a public Flash Player beta tester, you will occasionally come across a site which will tell you don’t have the right version of the Flash Player installed, and in some cases, you may even be told that you don’t have a new enough version of the Flash Player installed. Naturally, you will be confused because your Flash Player version is, in fact, the newest of the new, and is nothing short of bleeding-edge Flash Player technology. The problem is that the site’s Flash Player detection scripts are most likely hard-coded for what was once the newest version of the Flash Player.

If this describes your site, check out Mike William’s article on the Macromedia Developer Center entitled Future-Proofing Flash Player Detection Scripts. Mike not only discusses the issue of expiring detection kits, but also provides a new, very robust detection solution that fixes the future-proofing problem and other common version detection mistakes.

One Response to Future Proofing Your Flash Content

  1. mike says:

    Future-proof until flash hits version 26 🙂