JavaScript Support for Eclipse

I’m looking for a good JavaScript plugin for Eclipse. I see there are several out there. Can anyone recommend one in particular?

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  1. I use JSEditor too, but I also like these two JS plugins :Harish Kataria’s JavaScript Plug-in JavaScript Editor

  2. terry sasaki says:

    WTP (web tools platform) covers JS as well as CSS, XML, and so on.

  3. I second on the Eclipse web tools. Been using it for a few weeks and, while it’s not bug-free (it’s in beta), it’s running pretty well.

  4. Rudy Ho says:

    Our company is building tools for JavaScript development. It comes with an Eclipse plugin. The core utilities are command lines, so they can be plug into different IDEs (with some works).Here are features of our product (JS-Sorcerer):- Ensuring correct use of DOM APIs and core JavaScript objects- Verifying consistency and completeness of JavaScript within a web page- Enabling developers to write browser-independent JavaScript- Providing a powerful mechanism for developers to build their own JavaScript libraries- Catching common JavaScript programming mistakesYou can find more information on our website:http://www.dhitechnologies.comWe are doing early access for this product. So if you are interested to try it, please let me know.Rudy

  5. John Farrar says:

    Hey, Interakt just realeased a 1.0 version of an Eclipse tool for doing Javascript. IT’S A WINNER!

  6. chaminda says:

    can any body tel me this plugin is not working when the project type is not javaScript. I want add javaScript file to my Dynamic web project but in there this plugin is not working can any body tel y is that?