Studio 8 Resources

By now, anyone who reads this blog probably knows that Macromedia announced Studio 8 today, so I won’t get into details about something you already know. Rather, I wanted to point out some good resources for learning about what’s new.

First, check out Greg Rewis’s new blog. Greg is the Macromedia Studio Evangelist, and he’ll be using his blog to post details about several important new features (like today’s post about code collapse in Dreamweaver). Scott Fegette has started a "Feature of the Day" campaign on his blog, and will post about a new Studio 8 feature each day until the actual launch. And finally, there’s the new MXNA Studio 8 Smart Category which will show you what the rest of the Macromedia community is saying about the announcement.

If you come across any other good resources, feel free to post them here.

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