Are You Using the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit?

If you have a publicly accessible example, please post it here, send me an email, or if you’re on the Integration Kit mailing list, post it there. I’d love to see all the creative applications people have come up with. Thanks!

10 Responses to Are You Using the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit?

  1. Jameson Hsu says:

    We’re using the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit on MochiBot. It’s being used on the Dashboard (the page you see immediately after logging in). An example can be seen by logging into the demo account.

  2. Sami Hoda says:

    Christian,We’re looking at it. But does it integrate with the new CF7 flash forms? We want to be able to submit flash forms via a submit button working outside the form.-Sami

  3. Andres R says:

    i need examples of kit integration

  4. Jessica says:

    Are you going to post any good ones that people send in to you? Would love to see what others come up with.

  5. Mike says:

    I would like to see what other people come up with. How do you get on the mailing lists?

  6. Steve says:

    For real, where are the good sites out there using this integration. I have seen a few sites here and there using one or the other well, but combining the two for good use, rather than just an example.. that wouold be nice to see.

  7. Would love to see what others have come up with. Will you be posting any on your log in the near future Christian? Still working on mine but will send you it when I am done which shuld be in about a month.

  8. Dorian says:

    I made a sample using the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Would love to see some samples others have made if you get a chance post some of the ones that were sent to you via email please!

  10. Thai Truong says:

    Hi Cantrell,I have an application using this kit to play/pause flash. The flash is put in a hidden frame and the frame is generated dynamically.The problem is the flash cannot play in IE.+ In Firefox: it works.+ In IE:- Case 1: The flash cannot play in my application: flash proxy called the function but nothing happened- Case 2: I create a simple HTML page that has the above hidden frame, the flash playI don’t why it doesn’t work in case 1.Can you share me some experience on this issue?Thanks for your time