Google Launches an RSS Aggregator

Just in time for Cool Tool Friday, Google has launched an RSS aggregator. It looks like Google is really starting to realize the value of Flash, as well. After moving Google Video over to Flash, they are now using Flash in their new RSS aggregator to play podcasts. Very cool stuff.

What are you using to aggregate? I’m using Bloglines now so I can switch between computers easily, but I might give the new Google Reader a try.

Update: Like Gmail, Google Reader even supports Vi keys. Nice!

3 Responses to Google Launches an RSS Aggregator

  1. jim collins says:

    sweet. Another step towards assimilation into the Googleverse. I can hear Steve Ballmer screaming off in the faint distance.

  2. “What are you using to aggregate?”Christian: Same thing I’ve been using for ages… JournURL as a “pre-aggregator” where the source isn’t significant, and Newzcrawler for everything else.I take it you had a falling out with Shrook? 😀

  3. I love Shrook, but it started getting bogged down at about 100 feeds. Also, I’m switching back and forth between a Mac and a PC these days, so I wanted something web-based. I’m trying out Google Reader, and I like some things about it, but there are several things I don’t like, as well. I actually think Bloglines can continue to do well as long as they start innovating again pretty soon. I learned at Web 2.0 that their focus has been on scalability, which is the right approach, but that they feel like they are able to start going back to features fairly soon.