Video of Flex Announcement at Web 2.0

Although you’ve probably already seen the Flex 2.0 product family announcement, you can now see a video clip of Kevin Lynch actually delivering the official announcement at Web 2.0. Mike Chambers got Kevin’s entire presentation on tape. It’s only about 15 minutes long, but Kevin packs in a ton of good information, including building a very nice little application using Flex Builder 2 (Zorn) in only about 5 minutes. The clip is available as Flash video both on Mike’s blog and on Google Video. If you get seasick, brace yourself for about the first 30 seconds, but after that, it stabilizes.

3 Responses to Video of Flex Announcement at Web 2.0

  1. That was great! Time to read the FAQ and schedule the MMweb2 link!

  2. John Beale says:

    Maybe just a typo, but there was no announcement of Flash 8.5, just Flash Player 8.5

  3. My one concern, as i understand it, is that you need to register all your cfc’s on the server to connect using Flex. This is a huge issue for me, as I use a lot of shared hosting or servers internally that I don’t have complete control over. Will this be fixed (i see it as an issue) for the final release?