Firefox 1.5 possibly (hopefully) available today

The rumor is that Firefox 1.5 will be released today. Keep an eye on My favorite new feature: drag and drop reordering of tabs. I’ve been waiting for this for as long as I’ve been doing tabbed browsing, and have always found the plugins that provide this functionality to be sketchy, especially on OS X. I’m glad to see is being added to the search engine list, as well. And of course performance improvements are always welcomed. has a full list of new features (for RC 3, not the final release). Let’s hope it’s today. I could use something to brighten up this dreary San Francisco morning.

Update: As mentioned in the comments, it’s available now. Also, when I installed 1.5, I was told that the SpellBound and Live HTTP Headers extensions would not work, and were being disabled. I uninstalled them both (along with the dictionaries), then reinstalled, and they both work fine.

5 Responses to Firefox 1.5 possibly (hopefully) available today

  1. Alex says:

    Supposed to be released in the afternoon, Pacific time. I’ll be it’ll be 6-7PM Eastern time.

  2. Sean Coyne says:

    relased. if you cant see it hit refresh until you hit a server with a copy. i hit it on the first time however.

  3. Jack says:

    Its out and I got it and its great but there is one thing that realy bugs me…Macromedia News FireFox Extension is no longer working good…Evertime you click a link to go read the blog this popup:An external application must be launched to handle http:links. requested link: blablablaand when you click ok, poof firefox crash ever single time and it drive me crazy!!

  4. mike chambers says:

    re: macromedia news firefox extension.Thanks for the report. You can track the issue here:

  5. Raven says:

    am impressed with the way Firefox is developed. They really focus on improvemants other than new features. Sometimes it seems like a lot of the Linux world is focused on developing features, but sometimes, the bugs are more important and necessary for happy users. The downside to not having many new features is that a lot of people don’t want to waste the time to download unless there is something new and cool. I think this update has enough new features to want to be downloaded, but not too many that it’s going to create a lot more bugs.