MAX Hong Kong: Software, Food, and Shopping

This is my kind of town. Great food, great technology, and a great conference. I gave a presentation this morning entitled "Next Generation ActionScript", and it went very well. I’ll post the presentation and all the example files here once I get back to San Francisco.

As Scott mentioned, we ate a 13-course Chinese meal last night! I had no idea such a thing was even possible. I didn’t realize it was going to be 13 courses, so for the first few, I finished everything they served me. Eventually, I checked the menu and realized there were about 9 more courses to go. Although I didn’t end up cleaning every plate they put in front of me, I ate far more than I needed to, and didn’t eat again until lunch today.

The sessions today have been great. After my session this morning, I listened to Steven Webster talk about Cairngorm, then to Mark Blair talk about Flex Data Services after lunch. This is the hard part of the day when my body wants me to go to sleep because it’s about 11:00 in San Francisco, so I’ll grab some caffeine and hit a few more sessions before taking a walk around the city.

I leave tomorrow morning: a non-stop, 12-hour flight back to San Francisco. Fortunately, I have plenty of video and PSP games to keep me company, along with some head-to-head SOCOM with Scott.

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