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I’m dividing my blog into two

In order to keep my Adobe blog more on-topic, I’ve decided to start a second blog. Living Digitally is a place where I will post about anything and everything technology related, but not necessarily Adobe related. All Adobe and work-related content will continue to be posted here while anything else will go on Living Digitally.

I decided to make this change because every time I posted something off-topic on my Adobe blog, I felt a twinge of guilt since people who follow my blog purely for Adobe-related information really had no way to opt out of my general technology posts (and vice-versa). Dividing my blog up into two gives readers more options, and will help keep the Adobe category on MXNA more focused, as well.

Day two at Adobe (and why my email address is changing)

It’s still strange to say I work for Adobe now, but the integration is going well. For the most part, the change is gradual, but a few things have happened overnight:

  1. We now have free sodas. With all the complexities of merging two big companies, someone actually took the time to make sure our sodas were free on day one. Nice touch!
  2. Email. I spent most of the day yesterday getting Outlook reconfigured. My favorite email client is Apple’s, but when I switched to Windows a few months ago, I decided to go all the way and give Outlook a try. Despite the fact that it’s woefully lacking in some areas, and not overly easy to work with, it’s pretty powerful when combined with Exchange. Anyway, my Macromedia email account (folders and messages) was migrated, but not my filters, so I spent a large portion of the day yesterday unsubscribing from email lists, resubscribing with my new Adobe email address, and creating new filters to keep my mail organized.

I was also informed yesterday by the Adobe IT department that my external Macromedia email address accounts for 77% of all virus related email inside of Macromedia, and 40% inside of Adobe. That’s quite a distinction to have bestowed upon me. I don’t have any viruses myself — those numbers refer specifically to virus related email being sent to me. The reason is most likely because my Macromedia address is very public. It’s posted everywhere, and apparently it is in a lot of infected Outlook address books. Anyway, the upshot is that my old external Macromedia email address,, is getting shut down to reduce email traffic, and I’m switching to this one:

The old address will get shut down at some point today at which point this will be the best way to reach me.

function alertNewEA() {
var ema = ‘ch’;
ema += ‘ris’;
ema += ‘tian’;
ema += ‘.’;
ema += ‘cant’;
ema += ‘rell’;
ema += ‘@’;
ema += ‘adobe’;
ema += ‘.’;
ema += ‘com’;
} uses Flash

I’m a big user, but I learned something about them yesterday I didn’t know. During a conversation with Andre Charland, he mentioned that is using Flash to play MP3s. Check out my podcast tag to see what I mean. Whenever you tag an MP3, a little play arrow appears to the left of the title. Click it, and a piece of Flash is dynamically loaded to play the MP3. Simple, but slick.

What do you use for personal information management?

I’ve used Palm, Outlook/Windows Mobile/GoodLink, Entourage, iCal/Address Book, Sunbird, and the Sidekick 2 for Personal Information Management, and I still haven’t found a solution that has everything I want. In general, I’m a big fan of the Sidekick II and its PIM suite, but it’s not perfect. First, it locks you into the Sidekick/Danger/T-Mobile platform, and second, their web interface is actually worse and less convenient than the UI on the Sidekick. Outlook is pretty nice, but isn’t very cross-platform friendly. Entourage was terrible last time I used it, Apple’s PIM suite is incomplete, and Palm, after all these years, is still missing basic functionality. My questions to you all are:

  1. Do you use PIM software at all?
  2. If so, what do you use, and what do you like/dislike about it?
  3. What devices and/or platforms is your data available on?


Firefox + Exposé = foXposé

I can’t remember where I came across this yesterday, but I somehow stumbled upon the foXposé Firefox extension. It basically tiles all your tabs inside of a single window, and lets you click on one to select it. Very cool. I’ve never been a big fan of Exposé on OS X, but I’m testing this extension to see if I find it useful as it is impressive.

I’ve also started pulling all the essential Firefox hacks and extensions together under a Firefox tag. Expect it to continue to grow.