Day two at Adobe (and why my email address is changing)

It’s still strange to say I work for Adobe now, but the integration is going well. For the most part, the change is gradual, but a few things have happened overnight:

  1. We now have free sodas. With all the complexities of merging two big companies, someone actually took the time to make sure our sodas were free on day one. Nice touch!
  2. Email. I spent most of the day yesterday getting Outlook reconfigured. My favorite email client is Apple’s, but when I switched to Windows a few months ago, I decided to go all the way and give Outlook a try. Despite the fact that it’s woefully lacking in some areas, and not overly easy to work with, it’s pretty powerful when combined with Exchange. Anyway, my Macromedia email account (folders and messages) was migrated, but not my filters, so I spent a large portion of the day yesterday unsubscribing from email lists, resubscribing with my new Adobe email address, and creating new filters to keep my mail organized.

I was also informed yesterday by the Adobe IT department that my external Macromedia email address accounts for 77% of all virus related email inside of Macromedia, and 40% inside of Adobe. That’s quite a distinction to have bestowed upon me. I don’t have any viruses myself — those numbers refer specifically to virus related email being sent to me. The reason is most likely because my Macromedia address is very public. It’s posted everywhere, and apparently it is in a lot of infected Outlook address books. Anyway, the upshot is that my old external Macromedia email address,, is getting shut down to reduce email traffic, and I’m switching to this one:

The old address will get shut down at some point today at which point this will be the best way to reach me.

function alertNewEA() {
var ema = ‘ch’;
ema += ‘ris’;
ema += ‘tian’;
ema += ‘.’;
ema += ‘cant’;
ema += ‘rell’;
ema += ‘@’;
ema += ‘adobe’;
ema += ‘.’;
ema += ‘com’;

5 Responses to Day two at Adobe (and why my email address is changing)

  1. Victor says:

    I am surprised that more comments aren’t posted. It is quite a thing to be there during this huge creative movement. Adobe and Macromedia have been the cornerstone of creative output for a decade now and to see this is unreal.We only use Adobe and Macromedia at frank151, malbonfarms, scion projects, boostedmobile, whatever… it’s always a pdf and a swf. are you planning pwf’s?congrats, we wish you the best.

  2. Terry says:

    I wonder if Adobe is going to loosen the reigns on Macromedia bloggers or impose tighter content restrictions and force them under one roof at

  3. congrats on the free soda christian! send some up my way:P it must be a reward for the amount virus infected email you’ve managed to receive. out of curiosity how many emails per day is 77% of macromedia’s spam related email? and are you sure they aren’t pulling your leg. Anyway glad the transition is going smoohly.

  4. Andre, not spam-related — virus related. Although I’m probably the spam winner, as well, for all the same reasons. I was getting a couple thousand virus emails a day which managed to slip past ITs filters, so I would say I was getting several thousand more.Anyway, anytime you want a free soda, come on down. 🙂

  5. Mario says:

    omg.. free sodas, and you work for adobe… and FREE SODAS (just joking 🙂 ), but man, I would like to work for something as cool as macromedia or adobe… :::sigh:::, cool blog… good luck and lets see what awesome stuff this merge brings to the designers-users!