I’m dividing my blog into two

In order to keep my Adobe blog more on-topic, I’ve decided to start a second blog. Living Digitally is a place where I will post about anything and everything technology related, but not necessarily Adobe related. All Adobe and work-related content will continue to be posted here while anything else will go on Living Digitally.

I decided to make this change because every time I posted something off-topic on my Adobe blog, I felt a twinge of guilt since people who follow my blog purely for Adobe-related information really had no way to opt out of my general technology posts (and vice-versa). Dividing my blog up into two gives readers more options, and will help keep the Adobe category on MXNA more focused, as well.

5 Responses to I’m dividing my blog into two

  1. Simeon says:

    I have recently been considering the same type of thing. Because a large part of what I typically post on my site is related to our cfug and Portland, Oregon in general. All technology but not just strictly cf. My solution (not implemented) is to do much like you did on mxna. Where different feeds are collections of categories. Because its entirely possible that there would be overlap in things I watned to talk about if I had 2 seperate blogs. But that way only the actual CF/Flex/Adobe stuff would show up on goog and mxna.

  2. noname says:

    Having 1 blog with categories is definetely the way to go. Confuses users less too.

  3. P.J. Onori says:

    I did that quite a while back as well – I think it’s really important to keep blogs subject-oriented.Kudos for you.

  4. Simeon, I do have multiple categories, but I don’t think categories are enough of a partition in some cases. As an avid blog reader, I appreciate blogs that are tightly focused which is my goal here.Christian

  5. zwetan says:

    I plan to do that too, but more becase I tend to post in english and french, so I decided it was best to have a blog for each language :).