Flex Beta 2 and Free Flex SDK

It’s all true. We’ve decided to release a free version of the Flex SDK. We haven’t decided exactly what’s going to be in it yet, but at a minimum, a compiler and the framework — everything you need to build Flex 2 applications. We’re also going to release a free version of Flex Enterprise Services that will be limited by the number of connections it allows, and will only run on a single server. Of course, Flex Builder 2 and the full version of Flex Enterprise Services 2 won’t be free, but now anyone will be able to get started building Flex 2 applications at no cost whatsoever. This is all we really know at this point, but I’ll post more details when I have them.

Also, Flex Builder 2 and Flex Enterprise Services 2 will go into public beta tomorrow, so get ready. Some of the new features include:

  • View source support. If you want to share the source of your app, just enable the view source option when publishing, and Flex Builder 2 will automatically generate beautifully formatted source code for all the world to see along with a "View Source" option in the context menu. This is amazingly slick.
  • Player detection.
  • History management.
  • Automatic import organization.
  • Code collapse.
  • Outline view.
  • Tons of other stuff.

If you’re still getting up to speed on Flex, I made a post the other day entitled "Clarifying the Term Flex" which describes in detail all the different components of Flex. I’ll let you know when the beta is available for download, or you can just keep an eye on Adobe Labs (rss).

12 Responses to Flex Beta 2 and Free Flex SDK

  1. zwetan says:

    this is GREAT news :)a little question about the framework being included with the free compilerdoes this will allow us to have acces toGlobal.as and playerglobal.as internals ?

  2. Hans says:

    You’ve made my day!Will we be allowed to install the Flex Enterprise Services 2 beta on a publicly accessible server to share samples after it’s out tomorrow? With the news of the free limited version, I’d like to get some stuff out as soon as possible. 🙂

  3. Hans, sample apps are ok. Let me know what you build.Christian

  4. jf.sal says:

    One word GREAT

  5. ojk007 says:

    omfg this is awesome.so does this mean we can create and deploy “personal” apps?coz im making a blog in flex to learn how to use it and it would be awesome if i could upload it to a server and use it. if thats possible i’d make it open-source :p

  6. Lola Lee Beno says:

    Will there eventually be a Mac version?

  7. todd says:

    ben forta stated that there is a beta “mystic” release also. I can’t find many details as to what’s included in that release…any idea?

  8. joshwa says:

    Great news! I second the question on a mac version.Now, any chance you guys could release a free production environment version of ColdFusion? (pretty pleeease!!)

  9. ojk007: Yes, you can build and deploy personal Flex apps, or commercial Flex apps, for that matter.Lola and Joshwa: We do plan to deliver Mac versions of both the free SDK and Flex Builder 2 in the future. I will definitely post details as I get them.Joshwa: I’ll pass that feedback along to the CF team.

  10. Kalvin says:

    I have a question.In Flex1.5, there’s a MediaDisplay component.In Flex2.0, we should use VideoDisplay instead.But, I wonder how to use MediaController?

  11. This looks interesting. I’ll start looking at it as soon as there is a cross-platform version. We don’t have a single Windows desktop in our organization, and I’m not starting to add that horrid beast today. VMWare keeps this interesting, but for delivery, we’d need at least Apple support.But, we’re interested. Please do update us when there is a Mac version.

  12. Minjia Tang says:

    error 306: Descriptor must support the profile desktop, mobileDevice, or extendedMobileDevice.

    I got above error when I tried to export a release build, the problem is the ***-app.xml, there is a line in the file:
    which the air doesn’t support extendedDesktop, I am using the Flex SDK 4.1.0 and Air SDK 2.0.2 and I have to use the extendedDesktop because I need access native process. any ideas how to fix this problem?