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The Many Faces of Flash

I’m at Flashforward in Seattle this week, and whenever I go to Flash conferences, I’m always amazed to see all the different ways people are using Flash. I’m mostly consumed with Flex these days, so I tend to forget about all the other places Flash is appearing. In the last day, I’ve seen Flash discussed in the following contexts:

And, of course, in the browser for just about everything you can think of. Am I missing anything?

Who’s Going to be at Flashforward?

I head out to Flashforward 2006 in Seattle at the ungodly hour of 6AM tomorrow. The conference doesn’t start until Monday, but tomorrow morning’s flight was the last one available. I even called my travel agent today and begged her to pull some strings, call in some favors, anything she could do, but no luck. Why do they even have flights that early?

Anyway, I’m very happy to be heading up to Seattle for this year’s west coast Flashforward rather than across the city where it’s normally held in San Francisco. I’ve never been to Seattle, so I’m looking forward to checking out a new city. Any suggestions as to what I need to see while I’m there?

I’ve been working hard with a couple other guys on a little surprise for the keynote which is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. If you’re going to be at Flashforward, make sure you’re there Tuesday morning. If you’re not, I’ll blog about it here either in real-time if I can get a connection, or after it’s over.

Let me know if you’ll be in Seattle next week. After the keynote, I should have plenty of time to hang out.