The Many Faces of Flash

I’m at Flashforward in Seattle this week, and whenever I go to Flash conferences, I’m always amazed to see all the different ways people are using Flash. I’m mostly consumed with Flex these days, so I tend to forget about all the other places Flash is appearing. In the last day, I’ve seen Flash discussed in the following contexts:

And, of course, in the browser for just about everything you can think of. Am I missing anything?

5 Responses to The Many Faces of Flash

  1. darron says:

    There’s also Flash on the Playstation 2 – I think it was one of the Star Wars games that uses Flash for the menu system.

  2. William from Lagos says:

    Your banner still reads “Product Manager for Developer Relations at Macromedia”. How come?

  3. Hans says:

    There’s also the official player for Pocket PCs and an unofficial port for Windows-based smartphones. Also don’t forget the tools that let you deploy Flash files as screensavers and so on.