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Taking Some Time Off

I wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to be taking some time off from Adobe starting next week. I’ve been at Macromedia and then Adobe for over three years, and as far as I can remember, I’ve never taken a vacation, so it’s time. I’m not exactly sure how long I’ll be gone, but at least three months.

I won’t be relaxing during my time off, though. There are way too many cool things going on right now that I want to be a part of. I’ll be focusing on Ruby (on and off Rails), Ajax, mobile, and, of course, Flex 2. I might even start playing around with Flash again, which I haven’t done since I got my first Flex Builder 2.0 build.

I won’t be checking Adobe email or posting here while I’m gone, so I’m going to turn off comments to keep out the riffraff. I can be reached at my personal email address (, and you can keep up with what I’m working on through my personal weblog, Living Digitally. Requests and comments relating to MXNA can go to

I will be staying in the bay area, so if you’re ever in town and want to hang out, drop me a line.

Keep building amazing and inspiring things!


Free, Open-source ActionScript 3.0 Libraries

We just released a set of free, open-source ActionScript 3.0 libraries to help get people going with the Flex Builder 2 beta. The libraries include the following projects:

  • corelib. Several basic utilities for MD5 hashing, JSON serialization, advanced string and date parsing, etc.
  • FlexUnit. A unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript 3.0 applications based on JUnit.
  • Flickr. A wrapper for the entire Flickr API.
  • Mappr. A wrapper for the entire Mappr API.
  • XML Syndication. Libraries for easily parsing all versions of RSS and Atom.
  • Odeo. A wrapper for the entire Odeo API.
  • YouTube. A wrapper for the entire YouTube API.

All the libraries are well documented and come with unit tests. You can download the source and/or just the SWCs, and do anything you want with them (the license is very liberal). All I ask personally is that you build something cool and send me the link.

We built a pretty nice mash-up called "Flow" using five of the seven libraries last week. Kevin Lynch showed it during the Flashforward keynote, and we should be releasing it (along with the code) within the next week or so.