I’m Back

Four months and a lot of lines of code later, I’m back at Adobe. Same company, new job. I’m now working on the Apollo team as an Apollo Application Developer. That means my job is to write Apollo applications as Apollo itself is being developed in order to:

  • Give the Apollo team feedback on APIs and other aspects of the runtime.
  • Help advise the team on how developers are going to want certain features implemented.
  • Exercise the Apollo APIs and look for bugs and usability problems.
  • Create a bunch of apps and code libraries that I will give away as sample apps and building blocks for new Apollo projects.

I had a great time while I was off and learned quite a bit about a lot of different technologies which was both refreshing and rejuvenating. When it was time to come back to Adobe, I really wanted to find a job that let me maintain the same level of excitement about what I would be working on day to day. Adobe has a lot of very cool technology in the works right now, but I really think Apollo is especially interesting and has a tremendous amount of potential. I’ll be blogging more about Apollo as I learn more myself.

8 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    Congrats Christian – great move and it’s going to be awesome to read what you have to say about Apollo.

  2. Simeon says:

    As I listened to Mike’s podcast on friday I wondered about you and how you were doing on your vacation. Glad you are back and feeling good about Adobe. It will be great to hear your input on Apollo as we move forward.Welcome Back!

  3. Dominick says:

    nice to hear.. i can’t wait for apollo as well !!

  4. Keith Peters says:

    Excellent. You and Mike will put out a good product, I”m sure.

  5. ericd says:

    Wonderful news Christian. Work hard to establish a set of core code on which to allow Apollo developers a quicker deployment cycle time frame.Central was wonderful, and I remember being amazed at the APIs and documentation that came with it – I hope Apollo will be more of the same.Starter app-cores and examples made Central quick to start using. That would be most welcome with Apollo.I enjoy your code 🙂

  6. Hey Christian, glad to have ya back. 🙂

  7. Jake Hawkes says:

    Hello,You mentioned you had learned alot of new technologies on your sebatical. I am a college student and would like to know how you go about approaching new languages and workflows.

  8. Campbell says:

    Dude, I know its a bit late but well done!!!