Integrating Perforce with Flex Builder

Personally, I’m a Subversion fan. I started off using CVS for version control many years ago, then moved to Subversion, and have since been perfectly happy. But the Apollo team (along with most other teams at Adobe) uses Perforce, so I’ve been having to adapt. I actually like Perforce in general, but there are two things that really bother me:

  1. I don’t like how you have to check files out (or add them to a changelist) before you can edit them. It’s really annoying to stop what you’re doing, switch to the P4Win client, and add a file to a changelist every time you want to edit it. It really interrupts my workflow.
  2. The P4Win client is kind of slow, and not the most intuitive and usable interface I’ve ever used. And that little jogging P4 icon was certainly an interesting choice.

Anyway, enough complaining. I decided I needed to make working with Perforce easier, so I tried installing the Perforce Eclipse plugin into Flex Builder 2, and was pleased to discover that not only does it work fine, but it really makes working with Perforce much easier and much more efficient. Now, when I want to edit a file, I can add it to a change list right form Flex Builder with a single click.

You can find out how to install the Perforce plugin here. To start using Perforce from Flex Builder, right click on a project, go to "Team", and select "Share project…". In the port field, enter the server and port in the format "server:port" and you’re all set.

5 Responses to Integrating Perforce with Flex Builder

  1. See my post on using Perforce with Eclipse from about two months ago – some good commentary from folks with hints and tips:

  2. darron says:

    I hear ya.. I’m so used to Subversion that working with P4 was a pain in the butt. It didn’t integrate well with my workflow either.I worked around the checkout process by just marking the file as writeable, making the changes I need, and then when I would ready to commit I checked out the entire tree and then “Revert if not changed”. That allows you to check back in only the files that you’ve changed.It’s not a very good process.. but yeah, I hate that you have to checkout before you can modify. Subversion has a much better workflow in that respect.

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  4. Stephen Buckley says:

    Christian,Have you had any success at directly integrating the plugin so it works form the right click menu of the flex navigator

  5. Chad Upton says:

    I wanted to note that you may also need to input your username and client workspace in addition to the port when using Team > Share.@JigneshYes, you can then use the context (right) click menu in flex builder/eclipse.