Maptacular on Diggnation

A few of us went up to the Digg offices the other day to show them Apollo, and had a really good meeting. I demoed an application I wrote called Maptacular which Kevin Rose mentions in the latest episode of Diggnation. There’s also an interview with Kevin Lynch at the end which was conducted at Apollo camp and is worth watching for a quick summary of Apollo, and a brief history of how and why Apollo came to be.

If you watch the entire episode of Diggnation, I feel I should warn you. Apollo has the distinction of being mentioned in the same episode as "Craziest Urinals From Around The World" and something about a woman’s foot that I’m not going to elaborate on here. May or may not be work-safe, depending on where you work.

Maptacular is a Flex and HTML Apollo application which lets you drag vCards from your local machine onto a Google map in order to map them. I’m going to release the source pretty soon — I just have to find the time to clean up the code a bit.

Just curious — anyone know how Maptacular got its name? Nobody has mentioned anything about it yet. Hint: it’s related to Mike Chambers’ MP3 player application called Ascension.