My Embedded Database Presentation From the Bus Tour

I just finished my portion of the bus tour. I went from Atlanta through DC, presenting a total of about 7 or 8 times (I lost track). In addition to several demos, I presented a talk called "Introduction to the AIR Embedded Database".

It was a great trip, and and I really enjoyed hanging out with all the AIR developers here on the east coast. Every event was well attended and full of energy. The audience was engaged, enthusiastic, and had some very good questions and comments. In general, I would say the onAIR Bus Tour is by far the best developer event I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m very glad I was able to contribute.

We’re going to post videos of all the presentations shortly, but I wanted to go ahead and get my slides and demo apps posted. A Flash version of my slides are available here, and a zip file of all my sample code is available here.

Keep in mind that my samples were built using a "daily build" rather than the public AIR beta. SQLExample2 should work in the public beta, but SQLExample and SchemaTest won’t work until the next public drop (around the MAX timeframe). I’ve decided to include all the code anyway, however, to give you a sense of what’s coming.

I’ll post the URL to the video of my presentation when it’s available.

5 Responses to My Embedded Database Presentation From the Bus Tour

  1. Hey Christian,Was a great presentation.Here’s a link to a post I did about creating a Data Access Layer –’s still pretty simple but does a pretty good job at abstracting the sql code.

  2. Jackson says:

    Interesting slides, I’m new in AIR, where can I get more information about Embedded Database? Any simple step by step integration example around?

  3. Evan Owen says:

    I’ve been having alot of trouble with the SQLConnection. I’m sure these will be worked out in the release, but the worst is when selecting data that returns null values. Not only does null return as the string “null”, but if any of the columns in the first row contain a null value, “null” is returned for EVERY subsequent row in that column.Does anyone know a workaround for this?

  4. anon says:

    I just read What is Gemini and why should I care; frankly, I have no idea what I just read. I am a layperson. If you can explain to me what it is in layperson’s terms on that page I would appreciate it. It is garble to anyone other than a developer. But we end users are the ones who supposedly benefit; what is it? What is Gemini? I have no idea.

  5. Werbeagentur says:

    Many thanks for sharing “slides”. This article is very interesting and very informationsful! Thanks for it from Germany, Werbeagentur