Generating Dynamic Dock and System Tray Icons in AIR

Update (11/18/09): AIRPressure has been renamed to Timeslide. All links below have been update.

Someone asked me the other day if AIR applications can generate dynamic dock and system tray icons. The use case is something like on Mac which always shows you the number of unread messages as part of the dock icon.

I’m happy to report that this is perfectly possible in AIR, and I created a sample application called AIRPressure to demonstrate. AIRPressure is a countdown timer which shows a dynamically generated timer icon in your dock or system tray to let you know how much time is left. It also has some other cool features:

  • It will optionally show a notification window when the timer is complete.
  • It will optionally open a URL in your browser when the timer is complete.
  • The dock icon bounces or the task bar icon flashes when the timer is complete.
  • All your settings are saved between uses.

The code for AIRPressure is probably more interesting than the application itself. For notifications (notification windows, bouncing the dock icon, flashing the task bar entry), and for changing the dock and system tray icons in a cross-platform manner, I use the as3notificationlib project that my team has been working on which makes it extremely simple. And for persisting preferences, I use the new as3preferencelib that my team also wrote which handles all file IO, encryption, and serialization automatically. AIRPressure is a pretty useful and comprehensive cross-platform application, and the entire app is only about 300 lines of code (thanks to all these libraries doing a lot of the heavy lifting).