Update on my AIR Applications and Libraries

The most important part of my job is writing AIR applications, and I’ve written quite a few. In addition to applications, my team and I have written a great deal of reusable ActionScript library code (Amazon S3 APIs, Exchange APIs, etc.). Everything I’ve written is completely free and open source.

The problem is that I haven’t done a very good job in keeping these applications and libraries synchronized with the the publicly available version of AIR. It’s not that I’m lagging behind, though. In fact, I have the opposite problem: most of this code has been updated to work with the the latest internal versions of AIR so that I can keep banging on, testing, and exercising the latest and greatest runtime.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be releasing all my apps the day we release AIR 1.0. If you can’t wait that long, the source code is all available here in Google Code. In theory, all of the libraries should work with the public AIR beta (beta 3), and the applications should all work, as well, as long as the application descriptor’s namespace is set to 1.0.M6 rather than 1.0. Anything that doesn’t work, or any bugs that you find, will be fixed in the final 1.0 release.

Below is a list of almost everything I’ve written that’s worth releasing (I’ve written dozens of test applications that will never see the light of day).


  • Apprise: A simple but powerful RSS aggregator.
  • Lineup: A application for viewing your Exchange calendar, and receiving meeting notifications.
  • PixelPerfect: Measure things on your screen in pixels.
  • S3E: Easily manage your Amazon S3 objects and buckets.
  • SPF (Screen Protection Factor): A multi-monitor screen saver.
  • ScreenBoard: Draw on your screen during presentations.
  • HTMLScout: A tool for inspecting the DOM of an HTML page.
  • Timeslide: A simple but useful countdown timer with good visual feedback.


  • as3corelib: The corelib project is an ActionScript 3 Library that contains a number of classes and utilities for working with ActionScript 3.
  • as3fedexlib: A wrapper on top of some of the FedEx XML APIs.
  • as3syndicationlib: Use the syndication library to parse Atom and all versions of RSS easily. This library hides the differences between the formats so you can parse any type of feed without having to know what kind of feed it is.
  • as3awss3lib: This is an AS3 library for accessing Amazon’s S3 service.
  • as3notificationlib: This project makes it easy to add cross-platform notifications to your AIR application. It handles "native system notifications" like the dock icon bouncing and the taskbar icon flashing, and it allows you to easily create alert "pop-ups".
  • as3exchangelib: This is an ActionScript 3 library for talking to Exchange servers. (Currently only supports retrieving meeting information.)
  • as3preferenceslib: An AIR library for storing preferences. It worries about persistence and even encryption for you.
  • as3nativealertlib: This project creates Flex-like alerts, but they are native windows so they can appear outside the bounds of your application.

The source code for all these applications and libraries is available here. You will need to use subversion to download the source.