Apprise: an RSS aggregator written for AIR

Note: Apprise is now available at

I did a screencast of the RSS aggregator called Apprise that I wrote for AIR. Click here to watch it. I didn’t put any effort into designing the app, so it looks pretty plain, but it’s very functional.

All the source code for apprise is available here on Google Code. You can install Apprise by clicking on the badge below.

8 Responses to Apprise: an RSS aggregator written for AIR

  1. Gareth says:

    That is *really* nice. I’ll definitely be checking out the source at some point.

  2. thinman says:

    Absolutely awesome. Now: get a cam from Mr. Chambers, and one from Mr. Brimelow, tripod each one over a shoulder (aimed at your screens), load ’em up with tape, turn ’em on, and build this from scratch all over again. Be sure to talk aloud to yourself as if you were a complete idiot (like me, your adoring video audience member and blog reader). Return BOTH units to Brimelow, and make him do a slick post-produced thing outta the raw video. Then do another blog post on how a skilled developer rocks AIR.kthxbye

  3. WEBOSIS says:

    I LOVE this feed reader! It would be PERFECT if there was a way to categorize feeds…

  4. randalma says:

    Nice reader.. When will the code be available on Google Code

  5. The code is already available at the link in the article. There’s no zip file, but you can use SVN to check it out.Christian

  6. Gerrit says:

    I’d love to check it out, but the badges don’t seem to support Linux yet.Can you place a direct link to the .air file?

  7. Hi Chris,When will the code be available on Google

  8. Shawny says:

    I like the Apprise AIR. I imported Ben Clinkenbeard’s OPML list last night (which contained a gazillion feeds) and Apprise performed very well. I would like to see the app minimize to the system tray. Well done!