Lineup: an Exchange calendar viewer for AIR

I did a screencast of an Exchange calendaring application I wrote for AIR. Click here to watch it.

It’s one of the most useful applications I’ve written so far, and probably the most popular within Adobe. It lets you view your Exchange calendar, and it notifies you of upcoming meetings. It also works offline, so you can view your calendar and get meeting details while you’re between internet connections.

Lineup uses all the following open source ActionScript 3 libraries:

  • as3corelib: various utilities like advanced date parsing.
  • as3exchangelib: talks to Exchange servers.
  • as3nativealertlib: a modal alert that appears in its own native window.
  • as3notificationlib: creates notification windows, and provides a layer of abstraction on top of OS-specific notifications.
  • as3preferenceslib: manages application preference persistence, including encryption when necessary.

The complete source code for Lineup itself is also available on Google Code, or you can simply click on the badge below to install it.

AIR Badge

var lineupBadge = new SWFObject(“/cantrell/air_apps/badge.swf”, “badge”, 217, 180, “9”, “#ffffff”);
lineupBadge.addVariable(‘appname’, ‘Lineup’);
lineupBadge.addVariable(‘appurl’, ‘’);
lineupBadge.addVariable(‘airversion’, ‘1.0’);
lineupBadge.addVariable(‘imageurl’, ‘/cantrell/air_apps/lineup.png’);