Maptacular 2.0: a desktop mapping application for AIR

Maptacular was one of the first applications I wrote for AIR. The first version parsed vCards from your local file system, and let you map the addresses it found inside. That was back when AIR was in still in alpha, so I didn’t have APIs for things like drag and drop or copy and paste. Now that AIR 1.0 has shipped, I decided to rewrite Maptacular to to have the functionality that I originally envisioned.

I created a screencast of Maptacular 2.0 which you can watch here. If you want to install the app, just click on the badge below. If you want to see the source, it’s all available on Google Code.

Maptacular is a good example of the following:

  • Custom chrome with transparency.
  • Custom application menus (implemented for the Mac only — when Maptacular runs on Windows, there are no application menus).
  • Context menus.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Copy and paste (system clipboard access).
  • Yahoo! Maps for ActionScript 3 (with custom markers).
AIR Badge

var maptacularBadge = new SWFObject(“/cantrell/air_apps/badge.swf”, “badge”, 217, 180, “9”, “#ffffff”);
maptacularBadge.addVariable(‘appname’, ‘Maptacular’);
maptacularBadge.addVariable(‘appurl’, ‘’);
maptacularBadge.addVariable(‘airversion’, ‘1.0’);
maptacularBadge.addVariable(‘imageurl’, ‘/cantrell/air_apps/maptacular.png’);