The latest version of PixelPerfect (with screencast)

PixelPerfect is a simple AIR application for measuring things on your desktop. If you want to see how it works, check out this screencast. If you want to see the code, check out the PixelPerfect Google Code project. And finally, if you just want to install it, click on the badge below.

AIR Badge

var pixelPerfectBadge = new SWFObject(“/cantrell/air_apps/badge.swf”, “badge”, 217, 180, “9”, “#ffffff”);
pixelPerfectBadge.addVariable(‘appname’, ‘PixelPerfect’);
pixelPerfectBadge.addVariable(‘appurl’, ‘’);
pixelPerfectBadge.addVariable(‘airversion’, ‘1.0’);
pixelPerfectBadge.addVariable(‘imageurl’, ‘/cantrell/air_apps/pixelperfect.png’);