Adobe Feeds Update

The new launch of Adobe Feeds (MXNA) has gone well, but there are two issues I’m seeing people report:

  1. Maybe people have been getting "Header Length Too Large" errors. Interestingly, this comes from cookie-related code that CF7 tolerated, but CF8 doesn’t. Anyway, the problem has been fixed. If you’re still seeing the error message, clear your cookies, and it will never come back.
  2. It seems the web services are broken. This is probably the result of the query optimizations I made. I didn’t test all the web services, so they’re probably incompatible with the changes I made. Oops. Sorry about that. I’ll get this fixed in the next couple of days, and report back when they’re working again.

We’ll get Feeds back to 100% in the next week or so. Please be patient with us!