How do you want to share with Apprise 1.1?

We’re working Apprise 1.1, and we’d like some feedback. Apprise 1.0 allows you to share articles via AIM and Twitter, and for 1.1 (not out yet), we’re adding the ability to share via email, as well. We’re also adding Facebook,, Google Bookmarks, and Windows Live Favorites. What other services would you like to see us support? MySpace? Newsvine? Mixx? Let us know what you’re using, and we’ll do our best to get it in.

14 Responses to How do you want to share with Apprise 1.1?

  1. Todd says:

    How about adding googleReader support in some way, so if we are reading in googleReader we can just tag an article and send to twitter.

  2. Shedge says:

    I know that the main task of apprise is reading and sharing feeds, but to my mind the main problem with Apprise 1.0 is the formal view. I would like an easy overview of all the feeds i use to read instead of a listing with the number of unread feeds (a bit like about my english…i hope that what i try to explain is undestandable)

  3. My feedback would be about the actual GUI. Feature wise it’s already pretty good but in terms of design there is a lot to be done.Ideally, I see it as a chrome-less transparent application ‘stuck’ over the desktop, a bit like osx’s dark style of quicklook, but no drop shadow.Then a good set of customizable shortcuts would be great, such as gmail’ 5C.I’m happy to contribute to the design of the app, if that is open-source as well?Cheers, n.

  4. Mark says:

    Again, I’m not too fussed on adding extra service integration and I’m happy with the current UI but would like to see some desktop alerts and to be able to minimize the app to the system tray or at least an always-on-top “mini alerter”.Cheers,Mark

  5. Mark says:

    PS. Please make it so we don’t lose our feeds in this update! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    How about adding a feedback button right in the app so users don’t have to find your blog?Also, feeds for TechCrunch and other blogs are failing in the latest build.

  7. Luis Figueiredo says:

    I like Apprise, i just want that there was some way to know what are all the keyboard shortcuts.The J and K works just fine, but i’d like to move to the next feed without having to touch my mouse. Is there anyway to do it?

  8. Mark Wales says:

    It’s be great to see the ability to extract content and compose posts for a WordPress-based blog

  9. I’d love to be able to blog directly from it. So word press and movable type integration would be sick.Also I use Google Talk not AIM:PIntegrating with Tumblr would be cool too.

  10. an auto tiny url service would be really handy too:)

  11. Faisal says:

    What about support for private rss feeds?

  12. Nitin Mukesh says:

    Hi Christian,This is regarding Flash Javascript integration kit.I have used earlier versions of Flash Javascript Integration kit without any problem. find that you fixed a bug in the latest release. I tried to use it but it always show error. I am unable to figure out why this error may be.I downloaded the latest release from here files help is appreciated

  13. dreamfly912 says:

    Hi Christian,Some error i encountered when compiling Apprise:/home/dreamfly/apprise-read-only/src/com/adobe/apprise/commands/ col: 4: Error: unable to resolve ‘assets/notify_icon.png’ for transcoding[Embed(source=”assets/notify_icon.png”)] [Bindable] public var notificationLogo:Class^/home/dreamfly/apprise-read-only/src/com/adobe/apprise/commands/ col: 4: Error: Unable to transcode assets/notify_icon.png.^————————————————–I have put all the necessary libs into the the Apprise, and referenced .swc file properly.Can you tell me the reason of the errors above?Thank you very much!

  14. Steven says:

    I think Google reader support would be an excellent idea, any plans on adding this still in the framework?Regards,Steve