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ShareFire: a new feed reader for Adobe AIR

Over the summer, I built a feed reader called Apprise with my intern, Dan Koestler. Dan is now working with me full-time, and the first thing he did when he started at Adobe was update the application and release a new version. The following changes were made for 1.5:

  • Renamed the application to ShareFire. It’s all about sharing news, after all.
  • Enabled shorter update intervals. You can now updated as frequently as every 15 minutes.
  • On OS X, the number of unread posts now appears in the dock icon.

In case you’re new to ShareFire, here are some other interesting features:

  • Share articles via Twitter, AIM, email, Facebook, Delicious, Digg, Newsvine, and more right from the application.
  • Automatic categorization by author and topic.
  • Create "smart topics" to easily find posts on topics you’re interested in.
  • Get "toast" notifications of new posts.
  • OPML import and export.
  • Realtime search.
  • "Site view" (switch between the summary, and the site itself).
  • Automatic feed resolution. Rather than entering a feed URL, you can now enter a site URL, and Apprise will automatically find and aggregate the feed associated with it.
  • Support for 16 languages.
  • Lots lots lots more.

If you already have Apprise installed, you will get the update automatically (if you want to update manually, go to Settings > Application Updates > Check Now). If you don’t have it installed, check it out here.

Let us know what you think!

Geolocation API Research

I’m starting to do some research into geolocation APIs. Right now, I’m planning on checking out the Google Gears and Google Chrome APIs, the new Firefox 3.1 APIs, Skyhook’s technology, and IP geolocation technology like that used by ip2location. Anything else you think I should be looking into? How valuable do you think geolocation APIs on the desktop are? Will all computers (or at least all laptops which are gradually becoming all computers) have GPS chips soon? Other than GPS, IP addresses, Wi-Fi access points, and cell tower triangulation, how else can people be located?

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.