Make the mouse wheel work in Flash on OS X

As I’m sure all you Mac users are painfully aware, the mouse wheel doesn’t work in Flash on Macs. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when testing out a new Flex-based bug tracking system, and finding that I was able to use my Mighty Mouse to scroll a List. The source of the page revealed a clue which eventually led to AS3.0 MouseWheel on Mac OS X. Seems to work pretty well, and should hold us over until we get this in the player.

(Note that the mouse wheel works as expected in AIR applications; this is for browser-based apps only.)

5 Responses to Make the mouse wheel work in Flash on OS X

  1. Matt Giger says:

    You might want to take a look at a solution without Javascript I created here:

  2. Also this solution is interesting, like solution inject js code without needs of external files:

  3. OMG, yaaaay! I too was surprised and thrilled and puzzled to see the mouse wheel working in the internal Flex-based bugbase, but didn’t investigate. This is great to see.

  4. bas says:

    Just wanted to let you know that we ( have created a very easy to use component that not only enables the mouse wheel on Mac (and Safari on PC) but also considerably improves mouse wheel behavior on Windows. In our opinion it turns the mouse wheel and flash combination finally into an option for interaction designers.

  5. Steven Sacks says:

    You should check out SWFWheel, which is part of the Spark project. It requires no Javascript, and detects when the mouse is not over the Flash, allowing you to scroll the browser if possible.It’s also compatible with almost every browser, unlike the other solutions out there.