New AIR 2.0 API: URLRequest.idleTimeout

We recently added a new AIR 2.0 API which didn’t make it into my MAX presentation:

  • URLRequest.idleTimeout
  • URLRequestDefaults.idleTimeout

These setters specify the amount of time (in milliseconds) that a connection will remain open before receiving any data. Certainly not as sexy as some of our other new features (native processes, file promises, multi-touch, accessibility, volume detection, socket servers, etc.), but if you’re trying to use long polling, you’ll probably find this API useful.

4 Responses to New AIR 2.0 API: URLRequest.idleTimeout

  1. maliboo says:

    And what about this one? servers will be quite useless if AIR2.0 did not get this feature.

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    We are looking at the possibility of implementing a PROGRESS_EVENT on Sockets, but I don’t think it will make it into AIR 2.0. We’re also looking at some other improvements around how data is written to sockets. Hopefully we’ll get these features in soon after 2.0.Christian

  3. iqqi84 says:

    I agree with maliboo. Such things are involuntarily hampering Adobe Air’s acceptance as a development Platform of choice.

  4. Jeff Battershall says:


    Does setting this value affect the timeout of RemoteObjects? I’m still seeing RemoteObject timeouts when running AIR applications on Windows and it’s kind of a show stopper if I can’t address it.