A Demonstration of Encrypted Socket Support in AIR 2

I’ve been wanting to write my own email notifier in AIR for a long time, but without support for encrypted sockets, it wasn’t easy to do. But now that AIR 2 added the new SecureSocket class, I was able to write a pretty functional email notifier in just a couple of days:

The new SecureSocket class extends Socket, so MenuMail can use either encrypted or non-encrypted sockets without really having to know the difference:

this.socket = (this.secure) ? new SecureSocket() : new Socket();

The MenuMail application, and all the code for MenuMail, will be available on Adobe Labs after the AIR 2 public beta launch (which is very close!).

5 Responses to A Demonstration of Encrypted Socket Support in AIR 2

  1. Nico says:

    Your latest videos are really awesome – please don’t stop posting about air2.0 🙂

  2. n8o says:

    Very cool feature. I somehow missed that this is going to be a new feature in all of the press releases / hype. I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks!

  3. TomNewton says:

    Too bad you could already get this info from gmail in previous versions of AIR… :)Check out GMail support in http://www.jotoju.com/Using the mobile gmail api you can get all of this info from gmail in AIR pre 2.0 release. You simply have to decode the bytes that gmail returns.

  4. Christian Cantrell says:

    @TomNewton: The point of the app isn’t just to retrieve Gmail — it’s to act as a generic IMAP email notifier which means it needs to be able to connect to servers which require secure socket connections. If I were just supporting Gmail, I would have probably used the Gmail atom feed.

  5. eric says:

    Where can I find the code for this?