Get the Full Version of Google Tasks on Your Desktop

I started using Google Tasks about a month ago in order to make it easier for me to use multiple computers and multiple operating systems. Google Tasks is a nice, simple, straightforward application with one small shortcoming: it’s tied to the browser.

Download TaskWrapper

Running some applications exclusively in the browser is fine, but sometimes you really want to take them out of the browser and run them on the desktop. Google Tasks has the ability to "pop-out" of Gmail and open in its own browser window which is nice, but leads to an entirely new set of problems:

  • If you close your browser or it crashes, your tasks get closed, too.
  • Sometimes other applications open links in my tasks window. Very annoying.
  • Sometimes when I switch to my browser, my task window has focus, so it’s easy to accidentally close it.
  • When I want to access my tasks, it’s more efficient to go directly to a task application than to go to my browser, then to my task window.

The answer is to run Google Tasks on the desktop with TaskWrapper.

Update (1/8/10): Thanks to a tip from robmcm, TaskWrapper is now using an even nicer version of Google Tasks.

Update (12/21/09): Thanks to Rob McM, TaskWrapper is even simpler. It now loads the iGoogle version of Google Tasks rather than making you log into Gmail first, and “pop” the task window out. TaskWrapper is now literally three lines of MXML code!