A Third Kind of Orientation: Head-to-Head

Digital board games are going to be big. If you have any doubt, just check out Scrabble on the iPad. But to get the most out of digital board games, I think we’re going to need a third orientation mode in addition to portrait and landscape: head-to-head, or simply flat.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for devices or operating systems to support a third orientation mode. As long as you have access to the accelerometer, you can program head-to-head mode yourself. Below is an example of why a "flat" orientation makes sense (as well as a demo of iReverse running on a Lenovo X201 multi-touch laptop).

2 Responses to A Third Kind of Orientation: Head-to-Head

  1. David says:

    Very nice! Excellent use of the accelerometer API. Would love to see more games (and applications) making use of it.

  2. William Overington says:

    I like the head-to-head mode idea.Could you also consider trying to achieve a head-to-head landscape mode please? Two players could then sit facing each other and each player would have a landscape view of the screen in front of him or her.Could the iPad be programmed using the accelerometer such that this fourth orientation mode would be reached by first entering the head-to-head mode that you describe and then rotating the iPad through ninety degrees around the vertical axis (that is, around the yaw axis)?William Overington14 April 2010