Installing an AIR Application on Android

Now that AIR and Flash for Android are in private beta, I thought I’d show the process of turning an AIR application into an Android app. The process is incredibly simple and fast, and the end result works great.

(Apologies for the shaky camera work — I had to film this one all by myself.)

11 Responses to Installing an AIR Application on Android

  1. Thanks for this video, I’ve been looking for videos or info on how the this process would work for mobile. Is it the same for other mobile phones (excluding the iphone) i.e. blackberry?

  2. Having just finished learning how to code a native Android app, I’m very curious to see what’s inside an AIR-generated .apk file and how the Android classes and API are leveraged.

  3. Tase says:

    I am curious: what is inside de .apk file? Is the Adobe Integrated Runtime installed separately or does it come within each .apk file?Is there a runtime interpreter or is it native like on the iPhone?

  4. John Allen says:

    THAT IS AWESOME. Wow, the coolest thing I have seen in a long while.

  5. Marcus says:

    Thanks Chris, iam happy to see more tutorials on iReversi – because i think multicross platform capabilities is one the greatest tings upcoming soon in feature. Hope your are going to release soon the source for iReversi – so that we all can learn more an more to develop the best multiverse 😉 content with Flash ever! Thanks again an plese keep going on!!!Greetings from Germany, Marcusps: I like the hubble ultra deep field background picture on your desk ;)really mind blowing, 1_Million Seconds deep!

  6. George says:

    It’s there any possibility to convert an Adobe Air apps (made with javascript) into an Android app ?

  7. Eddie says:

    Well, I’m trying to load my game on the android emulator but it says air must be installed from the market but there is no market and I can’t find the .apk online. :{ Also, haven’t been able to get any flash flick, swipes, gestures to work making navigation very awkward and inefficient. Overall, I feel developing for android is a bit a of nightmare, full of command lines and loop jumping. Love flash+as3 but I would not recommend developing for mobile devices using flash, maybe java.

  8. Whyyyyyyyyy? says:

    Adobe has done it again, can’t find the air.apk for android 2.1 which leaves us with a spaghetti of emulators and command prompts functions. Developing for anything else than Froyo is officially bunk. thanks Adobe and Google.

  9. Daniele Morasca says:

    Will be great to know what command are in the shell.

    I would like to try to use some .air application on Android 2.2 but i’m unable to convert it …

    Could you explain the right way for the conversion?

  10. uhhh says:

    So, I run this shell script which does all of the work that you clicked on this link to see, and then I use this basic INSTALL command to install the .apk I made.

    Wait what? Show us the contents of the .sh please, or at least go over the basics of what needs to happen to convert .swf or air app to .apk, please.

  11. dave says:

    Hey I agree , I am a noob and this is tantalisingly close to what i need . But just paste in some steps on what to do for retards like me yes?