Porting an AIR Application from iPhone to Android

I recently decided to port my AIR Twitter client called TweetCards from iPhone to Android. The process primarily consisted of:

  • Resizing assets to compensate for the larger and higher resolution screen.
  • Changing the orientation of the application from portrait to landscape (to take advantage of the higher resolution screen).
  • Adding keyboard controls to take advantage of the D-pad on the Droid.

The entire process probably took about six hours tops. Below is a video of the end result.

4 Responses to Porting an AIR Application from iPhone to Android

  1. Thebouv says:

    Just curious: what was the dev cycle time for the whole app family was? Built in AIR. Rebuilt in ObjC. Rebuilt in Java(?).

  2. thebouv says:

    Of course as soon as I submitted that last comment I realized the android port is probably still AIR. Ha.

  3. Brad says:

    Hi,I’m curious how you targeted the iPad in flash CS5. I bought it today and wanted to start developing prototypes using the iPad, and then port over to Android when it becomes available. I can use my iPhone fine but I don’t see an iPad option, and resizing the stage just shrinks all of the content down.thanks for any help.

  4. Sharjeel says:

    Hey! I’m following your posts and I really like and appreciate your work.I have some queries for you, if you please guide me through. I’m a Windows user/developer and I recently directed myself to Android App Dev. And I read that flash apps can be converted to Android Apps easily, I use Eclipse for Android Dev, can you please help me out that how can I use Adobe Air to convert .swf files to .apk? I’m looking forward your kind help.