MailBrew: An Email Notifier Written for AIR 2

We just release the AIR 2 runtime today (technically 2.0.2), and I’m releasing a new application to go along with it: MailBrew. MailBrew is an email notifier that supports Gmail (regular Gmail, and Google Apps email accounts), and IMAP. You can customize the notification location and alert sound on a per-account bases, and you can add as many accounts as you want.

If you haven’t gotten the new runtime, you can find it here, or you can just install MailBrew, and the new runtime will automatically get downloaded and installed. A screencast of MailBrew is available after the jump.

6 Responses to MailBrew: An Email Notifier Written for AIR 2

  1. I love all the windows and startup features. Please recommend blogs, documentation, etc. showing how to manage all those seemingly platform-specific behaviors.Thanks

  2. Suggestion for the minimized menu: “mute” (no popups) and “mute for 1 hour”This allows one to share one’s screen without messages popping up.Cheers

  3. Shaun sullivan says:

    Cool app. Will you be releasing the source?Air 2 is looking really good.

  4. jimmy choo says:

    I like all the windows and startup features.Thank you for post!

  5. Oscar says:

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for this app! Also, I think you should release the source code for all the AIR apps you develop so we can use them as reference implementations of AIR2 and so learn from you.

  6. elbjoern says:

    hi christian,

    mailbrew is a pretty nice application. thank you!
    is it possible to just have the summery window without the notification? may be that would be a nice feature for future releases.

    cheers, elbjoern