MailBrew Beta Test

I’m hoping to update MailBrew this week, but I’d love to get a few beta testers first. Below is a list of the changes I made:

  • Added opt-in analytics (using Google Analytics) to help me better understand how people are using the application.
  • Fixed two runtime errors that people were reporting: IOError and a TypeError.
  • Made the summary window selection and its location persistent across sessions (meaning it will reopen and position itself next time you open the app).
  • Added "Check All" to the Dock and System Tray menus (by special request).
  • Fixed one or two other small bugs that made it through my QA process.

If you want to help beta test 0.91, download the AIR file and give it a try. If you find an issue, please either post details here, or email me at my first name dot my last name at adobe dot com.