How to Use Packager for iPhone to Build iPad Applications

In my recent Packager for iPhone Refresher, I left something out which several people have been asking for: how to deploy your iOS application to an iPad rather than an iPhone or iPod touch. We stopped development on PFI before we could really dig into the iPad, but now that we’re back to developing AIR for iOS, I figured I should go ahead and post instructions.

There are two things you need to do:

1. Add metadata to your application descriptor.

Just add the following to your application descriptor at the top level (as a child of <application>):


2. Include a 72×72 icon.

Rather than the 57×57 pixel icon you would use with a pre-retina display iPhone or iPod touch, use a 72×72 pixel icon like this:


That’s it. Your app is now ready for the iPad.