Zombie Game Preview

Here’s a quick preview of where I am with a zombie game I’m working on. I should have mentioned in the video that I’m using a technique called blitting for rendering which results in extremely good performance, even without hardware acceleration. I may go back to using the display list, but I wanted some blitting experience, so I figured I would go this route first.

I’m not sure where this game is going, but I’m having a blast writing it.

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  2. Ryan Phelan says:

    Coincidentally – I just released a Flash based zombie themed game to the App Store & Android Market: http://phenomblue.com/zombiechristmas/. It uses a similar blitting technique although we are starting with vector (MovieClip) assets, then caching each frame into a BitmapData object at runtime. This allows us to dynamically generate crisp looking graphics at arbitrary device resolutions. I haven’t written up a blog post yet, but will soon. Let me know what you think.

    • fpshooter says:

      Looking very promising..
      Any new developments?

      By the way, have you ever played SAS Zombie Assault? It could give you some useful ideas.

  3. dVyper says:

    This is all looking very exciting. Keep it up!!!

  4. Christian Cantrell says:

    @Ryan: I just spent some time playing Zombie Christmas. Awesome game! Great performance and gameplay. Well done.

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  6. Robert says:

    Good stuff! I have a questions if you don’t mind.

    What are you using for movement, are you using tween class?

    I am working on a game as well and my tween get choppy as I add more sprites to the stage.