How to Create an ActionScript AIR Project in Flash Builder

In Flash Builder 4, I used to follow these steps to create an ActionScript AIR project:

  1. Go to File > New > Flex Project.
  2. Create a project as usual, making sure “Desktop” is chosen as the Application Type.
  3. Rename the default application MXML file to something temporary.
  4. Create a new ActionScript file with the name of the application (and make sure it extends Sprite).
  5. Right click on the new ActionScript file, and choose “Set as Default Application.” This renames the application descriptor file accordingly.
  6. Delete the old temporary MXML file.

Not very smooth. Fortunately, in Flash Builder “Burrito” (still a preview release), there’s an ActionScript Desktop (AIR) project. To create an ActionScript AIR project in “Burrito,” all you have to do is:

  1. Select File > New > ActionScript Project.
  2. Set up your project as usual and make sure the “Application Type” is set to “Desktop.”

This is obviously a much better work-flow, and a big improvement. There’s even mobile application types for both Flex and ActionScript. If you haven’t tried “Burrito” yet, give it a try.

5 Responses to How to Create an ActionScript AIR Project in Flash Builder

  1. Imrahil says:

    In Flash Builder you can do the same if you change “Main application file” from “file.mxml” to “” on last screen of the “new project” wizard.


  2. Sven Forshell says:

    I use FB4 and I did exactly what you wrote but when I hit debug there’s no output.

  3. Sven Forshell says:

    Sorry, there was an output but the swf wasn’t launched. Can’t find the settings in FB4 to do so though.

  4. Meet says:

    You will have to manually uncomment and set the visible tag in application descriptor file to true after that to make it launch.


  5. alvin says:

    I did that as you said in the flash builder burrito, but still it doesn’t work.And just got the blank as file like folloeing:

    import flash.display.Sprite;

    public class Game1 extends Sprite
    public function Game1()


    Is there any step that I need to do?