How to Use AIR 2.6 with Flash Builder 4

Flash Builder 4 and AIR 2.6 are technically not a supported configuration, and the version of Flash Builder Burrito that is on Labs is not 2.6 compatible yet, either. Fortunately, with a very simple work-around, it is possible to combine AIR 2.6 and Flash Builder 4.

The first thing you need to do is overlay the SDK (combine the AIR SDK with the Flex SDK). These instructions haven’t been updated in some time, but they’re still accurate.

Once you’ve added the new SDK in Flash Builder, you will find that you have access to new AIR 2.6 APIs (overview here), however if you try to run your application, you will get a runtime VerifyError. To work around this issue, follow these simple steps:

  1. Right-click on your project and choose "Properties".
  2. Select the "Flex Compiler" section.
  3. In the "Additional compiler arguments" field, add -target-player=11.
  4. Click "OK".

Debug your application again, and everything should work fine.

32 Responses to How to Use AIR 2.6 with Flash Builder 4

  1. Derek Feddon says:

    Hi Christian,

    I was told that AIR 2.6 was *not* compatible with Burrito (well, the pre-release anyway). I was having an issue with Run/Debug on my phone which works fine with 2.5. This is from the Adobe AIR Forums:

    “Flash Builder Burrito (Preview release) does not support AIR SDK 2.6 because some APIs have changed in the AIR SDK 2.6 and Flash Builder Burrito does not aware of those changes. Therefore, what you are seeing is an expected behavior.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Sedat Akkus
    Computer Scientist, Flash Builder”

    Thread Link:

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    @Derek: Sorry about that. The version of FB on Labs is not 2.6 compatible yet. Until Burrito is released, I think the best way to develop with AIR 2.6 is using Flash Builder 4 with this work-around.

    • Derek Feddon says:

      A quick addendum: I could in fact run/debug to my desktop with Burrito and AIR 2.6, I simply couldn’t run/debug to my phone (Vibrant).

      I’m now digging into ANT to accomplish testing on the phone…

  3. You may need to add ‘versionNumber’ node to your app.xml file if you are updating a pre-existing AIR project. Prior to 2.5, the node was ‘version’.

    Why does the versionNumber have to be a new format? That seems contrary to the alpha-numeric ‘version’ used my previous app.xml files. It looks like you can include both nodes. I am not sure if this could cause a problem for someone’s update process.


  4. James says:

    How to use AIR 2.6 SDK with Flash CS5 Pro? Are you guys planning to release an extension installer for Flash Pro?

  5. Sven Forshell says:

    Hi! I’ve managed to get Adobe Air 2.6 running in FB4 but when I try to exec the app on my phone it freezes a third into the preloading (loading bar visible). Any idea what the problem could be?

  6. Sven Forshell says:

    Tried making this a strict as3 project and then it works. Also tried upgradring from Flex 4.0.0 to 4.1.0 but still no difference. Also tried excluding spark and making it Flex 3 compatible. What the h*ll is my problem? 🙂

  7. Sven Forshell says:

    It’s just a simple HelloWord:

  8. Sven Forshell says:

    Sorry.. the code wont show in this chat..

  9. Tom Callahan says:

    OK — I got 2.6 installed in FB4, added the command-line version argument listed above, added versionNumber to my XML (removing because ADT didn’t like it), updated the xmlns to AIR 2.6 in the XML (needed or else I couldn’t publish even though I’m not using anything 2.6-specific or else it complained about the first window requiring a newer player version than the namespace), then I was able to publish my ios app as a .swf, then I ran the command line as seen here: which is virtually identical to what I was doing before with PFI except the URL points to ADT instead of PFI. So far so good.

    It generates the .ipa as before but after syncing in iTunes I get the message that my “app was not installed because it is not compatible with this iPod” (using on an iPod Touch).

    Are AIR 2.6-generated apps not compatible with iOS 4.2 or something? AIR 2.6 and using ADT instead of PFI are the only changes since the last time I successfully compiled and deployed. No code changes at all. I have another Touch that’s newer that I could update to 4.3 and try which would rule that out. And an iPad. But the list of Everything New in 2.6 doesn’t mention any version issues…

    • Luiz says:

      My packaged IPAs are not working on iOS 4.3 iPad 🙁

    • Pete Hobson says:

      Im getting same problem as Tom Callahan above. “app was not installed because it is not compatible with this iPhone” . Its a 3G running 4.2.1

    • Peter K says:

      I am getting the same error as Tom Callahan and Pete Hobson (doesn’t work on ipod), although the IPA runs fine on a iPad!!! I know about the thing, still no dice. Any clues, anyone?

    • Peter K says:

      I see what happened. I happen to have a 2nd gen iphone, and it says only 3rd and 4rth are supported so far

      • kalmah says:

        you’re right, sadly, .ipa file created in flash builder 4.5.1 doesn’t work on my ipod touch 2g (ios 4.2.1). but works on my friend’s iphone4 (ios 4.2.1). i’ve also tested the .apk file in samsung galaxy s2 and works great.

        it was a just simple hello world app where there were two buttons, one label and one bitmap image control. tapping any of the two buttons, would change the text of a single label control. however, even that ridiculously simple app had an awfully slow response time on the iphone4. also, the small jpg file that was supposed to be displayed also ddn’t show on the iphone4.

        on the other hand, it work like a charm on the android fone (galaxy s2) – fast response and the small image was shown as expected.

        additionally, .APK android file was mere 533 “KB” while, the .IPA iOS file was 5.91 “MB” for the same silly hello world app.

        it really sucks to find out that flash builder apps ddn’t work so gr8 in the iphone4. somehow, my craze for iphones suddenly diminished. android, here i come!

  10. Sven Forshell says:

    It works! My Adobe help updated and seemed to install the Air 2.6 runtimes. Might have forgotten them earlier or overwritten them somehow.

  11. Osman says:

    Can someone please give me some insight as to what went into the decision to release 2.6 before Flex developers can actually use it? And why this information is not posted in a more prominent location?

  12. Peter Han says:

    Can I use AIR2.6 with Flex Builder3?

  13. Corey Osman says:

    If your using a mac just use rsync to sync the flex sdk with the air sdk.
    1. make a copy fo the current 4.0.0 sdk and rename to 4.2.6.
    2. uncompress the air sdk in your downloads folder
    3. run “rsync -avz –progress /Users/username/Downloads/AdobeAIR26SDK/ /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/sdks/4.2.6/”

    This will merge the two sdks together so that you can define a new SDK within flash builder.

  14. Ben says:

    Haha – remember guys, releasing AIR 2.6, or any of the last 2 versions can’t be an easy process. Especially since you consider that Adobe are a decent sized company, and the software you’ve been provided with is at the cutting edge of what you can expect from internet > desktop tech progressive development.


    If you take each adobe page you come to and bookmark the links, even adding them to a folder, it’s not hard to follow the trail, and even adobe are aware of their bugs and which bits don’t work.. If you follow and read it, you will encounter far fewer problems. Remember this tech is emerging, not commonplace.

    The internet for a developer isn’t quite as self-centric as people think it should be; info on this level isn’t crammed up our arses like modern marketing. This is reflected when you go to MSDN, and the links lead you round in circles with no useful information.

    Just remember flash’s roots, it’s un-surpassed forwards and backwards compatibility, abilitiesl, and the fact that there is such a willing community out there, including the Adobe team. On that note, Adobe can’t cater for every Tweener-wielding tit that comes along and decides to use frameworks that are largely unsupported, by Adobe’s own admission.

    Read Chris Conraets’ tutorials, then look on the known bug list, and 98% of your questions will be answered. It’s irritating for us lot to have to read through 25 posts of ill-educated complaints before hitting useful information. It can’t be any help for ~Adobe to improve our tech-base / jobs / livelihood with a load of red-herrings swimming around.

    User error.

    • Ben says:

      just to clarify, its not tweener wielding tits by adobe’s admission – its stuff that Adobe says is unsupported. Also, I haven’t had any problems, I have to do a lot of reading, and I do get frustrated sometimes, but when you follow the info available, it’s not too hard to miss…

      I work for a company who can only push the boundaries because of this technology.

      Bring on AIR 2.6 – although I have to admit, October / November time was the CS5 release, and I can’t see without patching – unless FP11 is intended to match AIR 3.0 or something, how the majority of flashers will get up to speed until this time next year, if Adobe don’t produce tools for it, given their 18 month cycle.

      Any info on future plans with all this stuff (especially fp11 hardware acceleration) would be greatly appreciated on the blogs.


  15. Frank S says:

    Adding -target-player=11 to the compiler options works in Flash Builder. However when I compile the code using an ant build script this does not work because the player does not exist.
    [mxmlc] C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder Burrito\sdks\4.5.0
    – air2.6\frameworks\flex-config.xml(74): Error: unable to open ‘libs/player/11.1
    Is there a workaround for an ant build script too?

  16. Stan says:

    I am getting same problem as Tom Callahan and Pete above. “app was not installed because it is not compatible with this iPhone” .

    Its a 3GS running 4.1.

    Somebody please answer . I am getting desperate.

  17. Stan says:

    All right, forget it. I have solved it by myself.

    • wembley says:

      Hi Stan,
      How do you solved it ? I have the same proble with a 3G iPhone.
      I use adt in this folder : sdks/4.5.0/bin/adt.
      But when i try to transfer my IPA file “app was not installed because it is not compatible with this iPhone”

      Can you tell us how did you do ?

  18. nick says:

    Is anyone else having issues un-compressing the archive on Mac ? I have tried several different systems and can’t get it to open without errors. Worked great on Windows and Linux.


  19. abdulla says:

    I have been getting same problem with ipod 4.3.2, “app was not installed because it is not compatible with this IPOD, my ipod is IPOD 4G TOUCH , i created the Application USING burrito , then compile swf and app-xml using AIR 2.6 with DOS COMMANDS in batch file., CAN SOME ONE POST some answers to how to over come the problem, I think I and every body else will appreciate it. Thanks

  20. Jesse says:

    I updated the AIR SDK and the compiler settings as instructed and I am getting this error when compiling my Flash Builder 4 app:

    Error creating AIR file: Dashboard-app.xml(40): error 305: Initial window content SWF version 11 exceeds namespace version

  21. jahiro says:

    I’m getting “not compatible with this iPhone” error too when syncing with iTunes – major issue here guys – why are FB apps not compatible?

    Adobe, or anyone with a solution, please advise how to fix!

  22. Grote says:

    I try to use a iPhone 3G and I also end up with the “not compatible with this iPhone” error message in iTunes. What’s going on?

  23. elif says:

    hi, im not so sure about combining Flash Builder 4 and Air 2.5 sdks.

    logically it must be possible but after i combined both sdks and added -target-player=11 i got an error.

    if i dont add -target-player=11, there is no problem, it is working fine but is it normal?
    or maybe sometime is there might be a problem?

  24. Juan Maceda says:

    Hi to all, not sure if this still will help, but I think the reason you can’t make if work on old ipod touch 2g for example is because AIR 2.6 build for arm7 arquitectures and iOS 4 can be installed on devices with arm6 and arm7 versions, ipod touch 2g for example is arm6, if you develop with xcode for example you can build for arm6 and arm7 at the same time to support old devices, sadly this isn’t an option on FB, hopes this help to someone