How to Tell Which Flex Components Have Been Mobile Optimized

Even when you work for Adobe, it’s hard to keep up with everything we’re doing — especially when it comes to AIR, Flex, and Flash Builder. I started building a new Flex Mobile application yesterday, and I realized that I didn’t know exactly which Flex components had been mobile optimized to-date. Rather than just asking someone for a list, I asked around to find out the best way to keep updated.

Piotr Walczyszyn gave me the excellent suggestion of checking the documentation for mobile skins. If a component has a mobile skin, it has been mobile optimized, and since the docs are kept up to date, this seems like as good a way as any to know which components are safe to use in a mobile app and which to avoid.

Ultimately, I would like to see our docs allow filtering by mobile optimization, but until that happens, this will work almost as well.

6 Responses to How to Tell Which Flex Components Have Been Mobile Optimized

  1. Some components (sort of low-level) such as StyleableTextField have been optimized for mobile but don’t have a skin 🙂


  2. I haven’t done Flex for mobile in a while, but doesn’t Flash Builder’s object viewer let you know which components are optimized for mobile in mobile projects?

  3. Thank you for you and Piotr for this good suggestion. I will share this to my Blog and Flex communities in Thailand.

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